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How do I get to Landa?

If you are coming from Madrid on the A1 Madrid-Irún highway, you have to take exit 234, and if you are coming from Valladolid/Vitoria/Burgos/Logroño, then the exit is 234-235 in the service area.

You can find us on Google Maps, Maps and other official GPS.


Where do I park to get to the hotel reception?

Entering Landa, in the first 20 metres turn left, between the tower and the square. Press the button on the iron column next to the hedge to contact us.

We will come out to meet you, unload your luggage and go with you inside, while someone from our team will park your vehicle in the indoor or outdoor car park, depending on the criteria designated for that day. Both car parks are for the exclusive use of the guests staying at the hotel.

However, you can call us a few minutes before your arrival and we will be waiting for you.


Do you have chargers for electric cars?

Yes, we do! We have six Tesla super chargers in the general car park (the bar and restaurant car park).

In the car park for guests staying at the hotel we have a universal connection for slower charging, with prior reservation so that it is always available when you arrive.


Can I choose a specific room?

All rooms at Landa are unique and that makes the hotel a very special place. Many guests already have their favourite room, it may be because of the light, the style, the colour, the orientation, the proximity to the pool...

We always try to adjust the booking to your taste and needs, that´s why we encourage you to reserve directly with us so that we can place you where you´ll like best.

We will confirm you prior arrival if your favourite room is available. But we also encourage you to discover a different room every time you come to see us...


What is included in the price of the room?

The price includes access to all areas of Landa, including of course the swimming pool and all the kit (bathrobe, towel and slippers). Swimming costumes for men and women can be bought if needed.

Breakfast is not included in the price.


What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in is from 2pm onwards.

If your room is ready, we will give you the key. If not, we invite you to leave your luggage with us and enjoy Landa: an aperitif at the bar, a first swim in the pool or a stroll in the gardens. If you want to go to town, leave us your mobile phone number and we will be happy to let you know as soon as your room is cleaned, inspected and ready for your stay.

You can request late check-out and we will confirm if it is possible (we always do our best). Late check out until 1:30pm has a charge of 30 euros and late late check-out until 5:30 has a charge of 60 euros, both including VAT.


How many people can stay in each room?

In Landa we allow a maximum of three people in some of the rooms, with the possibility of communicating them. Please contact us for conditions and availability.

If you are staying with two cots, we will only accept reservations in the suite category.


Can I stay with my pet?

Dogs are welcome at Landa, subject to prior consultation with the hotel reception, confirmation of the possibility on the requested date/s and as long as you accept the established conditions.

The maximum weight allowed is around 20kg and only one dog per room.

Accommodation is subject to a supplement of 70 euros per night.

If you have any specific questions about the conditions, you can contact us to make the stay pleasant for everyone.


How can I get a table for lunch or dinner in the restaurant?

You can contact us before your arrival by telephone or email at  if we have not already done so. It is recommended to let us know in advance, as certain days or times can be more complicated without prior notice. However, you can always let us know at the hotel reception and we will inform you of times and table availability.


Can I have lunch or dinner in the room?

Of course you can. Just let us know and we will give you the restaurant menu and the bar menu available for room service, both with a supplement on the regular price.


Can I cancel my hotel reservation?

Yes, up to 48 hours before, free of charge. In case of cancellation with less notice, 100% of the first night will be charged. This condition may change on public holidays or weekends. You will be informed at the time of your booking confirmation.

In case of late cancellation, and with the cancellation charge made, there is the option of transferring your reservation to a new date after checking availability and acceptance by the hotel reception at

The new date will be in a maximum of 90 days from the initial date of the reservation and cannot be modified again in the event of a new cancellation or modification request.


About the pool… What is it? Do I have to book a time to use the pool?  Is it heated?

The pool is the craziest and greatest creation of the Landa. Designed in the 60's and made stone by stone, including the iron stained glass window, all made by local craftsmen.

It is more than a SPA...

Massages can be booked on request and they are given in your room. Please, let us know if you´d like to get information about the rates.

It is not necessary to book a specific time to access the swimming pool, but we do inform you of the available hours and conditions of use so that all guests can enjoy a pleasant and peaceful time.

The swimming pool is open from 8am to 10pm every day, with a heated temperature during winter.

The outdoor pool is open from June to October approximately, also from 8am to 10pm.

However, the normal opening hours of both pools may be modified due to private events organised by Landa.

If you book your stay with us, we will inform you before your arrival of any changes.

Children under the age of 16 can use the swimming pool from 9am to 10am and from 2pm to 5pm. We do not allow games and recreational items out of respect for the rest of the guests and their peace of mind.


-Do you offer laundry/ironing service?

Of course, please ask at the hotel reception for the times to leave your clothes.

You will find all the information about prices, garments and types of service in your room.


-Is smoking allowed?

Landa is a non-smoking hotel.

Smoking is not allowed in the property, except for the bar terrace and the restaurant terrace. This means that smoking is not permitted in the rooms, restaurant, bar, lounges, meeting rooms, swimming pool or pool areas.

In case of non-compliance with this condition, the hotel reserves the right to make a surcharge of 190 euros including VAT.

The hotel has rooms with outdoor space (terrace or balcony) for possible smokers. They are available on request and will be confirmed according to availability at the time. You can also ask before your arrival in case we can make the change.


I have heard a lot about the Landa Breakfast, what is it?

Breakfast is served every day. You can have it in the bar glazed porches in front of the square of the bandstand, in your room, or by the swimming pool, after consultation and confirmation with reception.

If you have any intolerance or would like a special dish, please let us know in advance so that we can attend to your needs.


Do you organise events at the hotel?

At Landa we organise everything for everyone. From a corporate retreat for a few days (and almost without leaving Landa), to a banquet, a brunch by the pool, a party in the bandstand with orchestra...

To find out more and more about the possibilities that Landa offers, please contact


Is it possible to use the pool exclusively?

Yes, it is possible, as long as it is available and after the acceptance of conditions. For further information please contact


Is it possible to book the entire Landa?

Yes, the hotel can be booked privately. For more information please contact




What are the opening hours of the shop?

Monday to Sunday from 12pm to 6pm.


How many days does it take for orders to arrive?

Normally two days from the time the order is placed, prepared and shipped (in approximately one day's travel time).

All of Landa's baked products and classic savoury recipes are cooked on the spot and specially made for you.

Therefore, we advise you to place your order two or three days in advance of your desired date.


Do we deliver to the Canary Islands, other regions and to other countries or only to the Iberian Peninsula?

Unfortunately, we can only ship easily to the Iberian Peninsula at the moment. For delivery to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or for international delivery, contact us at to find the best solution for you.


What is the recommended date to consume the products?

You can find this information or an approximate estimation in the detailed information of each product in the shop section.


Can the morcillas be frozen?

Yes, it is possible for up to six months. Before they are sold, they go through a cooking process for safety reasons.

Are there assortments of products for sale? We do not have assortments. You can combine the products as you wish, but each product comes individually prepared in a customised box.


What are the sizes of the products?

You can look up the weights and sizes in the detailed information of each product in the shop section.


What products are available for coeliacs?

 You can check this information in the details of each product in the shop section. For example, yemas, nougat and cocadas are gluten-free products.

Morcilla and other savoury products are gluten-free too.


What chocolate products are available? 

Chocolate financiers are a classic at Landa. We serve them as an afternoon snack and as mignardises at dinners or private parties. They are made with Valrhona chocolate.


What colours and sizes are the Landa bags sold? 

The colours change according to the season but the format is always the same. You can find detailed information in the shop section.


Can I pay using Bizum?

Yes, and also Paypal or credit card.


Is there a minimum purchase amount for the shipping cost to be free?

Yes, from 100 euros the shipping fee is free.


Do you sell the baskets you use in the shop and in other parts of Landa?

We would love to but they are very specific handmade products. We use them because they are part of the Landa brand, part of the way of doing things in this madhouse.


Can I get some information on how to prepare morcilla or how to finish Landa stews at home?

You can contact our team at and they will happily tell you how to do it, step by step.